A new campaign has been launched to support the arts during the Coronavirus pandemic ; in particular, Northern Ballet and Leeds Playhouse.

Theatre is for everyone, and campaign organiser Victoria wants to encourage as many people as possible to help in a small way, as collectively it would make a huge difference. She says:

"Theatre has been around for hundreds of years. It’s part of our heritage and an instrumental part of life. It needs to be able to continue to thrive and to be lovingly preserved.
I am conscious we are all struggling as each individual and every industry has been affected dramatically over the past few months. I wanted people to feel comfortable to donate a £1 as empathetic towards everyone’s circumstances.

Our daughter Izzy is a student at The Academy of Northern Ballet on the Centre for Advanced Training Programme which is the professional scheme. Students train in the same building as the Company, a unique set up and allows them to be immersed in the “Ballet World”. They  see the professional dancers in class and rehearsals and also the choreographers and musicians. It’s a very inspirational  environment and they are able to see first hand how disciplined, focused and hard to need to work in order to in The Arts. Therefore being so involved we have seen how this sector has been dramatically affected. 

With any performance it’s not just the dancers that have been impacted by this situation but: musicians; costume/set designers; special effects; makeup;writers; choreographers; physiotherapists; conductors; actors; photographers; advertising; box office staff; front of house; lighting engineers and the driver of the lorry who transports the set. The list seems endless! I want all students at Northern Ballet and at other schools to be successful in their ambitions. If this campaign is a success I will set too and help other theatres and dance companies nationwide!"

The Leeds Playhouse is located close to Northern Ballet and the venue is host to a number of different productions such as musicals, drama, comedy, Opera, Dance, concerts and pantomimes. Whatever you see or listen to live at the theatre, audiences use all their senses. It’s an all encompassing experience, an escape, can make you think and opens up discussions whether it’s a serious piece of work or a fun pantomime. It is thought provoking and can only be experienced in these special, unique venues. Visiting the theatre can give you a healthy “feel good” feeling!

The picture and logo of #theatrefor1pound is of Izzy dancing in the sea while on holiday in Elie in Scotland. Her arms are up aiming high to portray reaching for the stars and to follow your dreams! I felt that being by the sea helped to illustrate calmness, thoughtfulness and hope. A perfect symbol for the campaign. Everyone is happy by the sea!

The link to donate a £1 or whatever you are able to give is: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/VictoriaSmith123

Click on our listen again link to hear the full chat with Vicks:


Spread the word and let's smash that total!