A streetworks inspector has been hailed a hero after stopping to administer life-saving CPR to a 21-year-old man on the side of the road.

Dan Horne, of North Yorkshire County Council, was travelling to another job when Gail Baker, who was taking a young man complaining of chest pains to A&E, flagged him down in a side road near Osgodby in Scarborough.

Mid-way through the journey the man went into cardiac arrest and Gail needed urgent help.

“It was an incredibly scary situation that I wouldn’t wish on anybody,” said Dan. “Gail was trying to explain what had happened and I could hear the sheer panic in her voice. I found the patient reclined in the car unconscious so my adrenaline kicked in.

“Gail was on the phone to a paramedic. She was doing chest compressions but I immediately said I would take over.”

Gail said: “I was struggling to do chest compressions for any length of time on my own and when a car with orange lights was approaching I knew it was somebody from the County Council. Dan was quick to react and we started sharing the CPR, alternating when we were getting tired.”

Dan said: “After what seemed like an hour doing CPR he gave this huge gasp of air and finally came round. He passed out again with the pain straight after but it was utter relief to find a pulse. The lady on the phone told us to carry on with the compressions so I did so until the ambulance reached us.”

When the paramedics arrived they got him out of the car for assessments and took him to hospital. The patient is now recovering and being monitored at home.

Gail said: “I am so grateful to Dan that he stopped to help in a very scary situation. He was an absolute hero. He saved a life that day and for that he deserves some recognition.”

Karl Battersby, Corporate Director of Business and Environmental Services, said: “Dan showed exceptional courage to jump into action administering CPR in very difficult circumstances. His fast-thinking was the difference between a life lost and a life saved on that day and I’m sure the patient and his family are eternally grateful.”

Gail, who has a son two months younger than the patient, knows this is something she will never forget. “I haven’t slept properly for days,” she said. “I’ve kept in touch with Dan since that day. Every time we close our eyes we keep having flashbacks.”

Dan added: “When he came around he was complaining of pain in his chest which in part turned out to be broken ribs. I felt so guilty but I’ve since been told this is pretty standard when it comes to CPR and shows I was doing it right.

“I have done a first aid course but it’s something you hope you never have to use. However, the adrenaline really kicked in and I knew I was going to do everything to save a life that day. 

“It’s been so nice to get recognition from my colleagues at all levels in the County Council. I have received numerous calls and emails of thanks. Some people have called me a hero so I’m really proud of myself.”

Councillor Carl Les, Leader of North Yorkshire County Council, said: “This is another incredible story of how one of our own went out of their way to do the ultimate act of kindness. On behalf of the County Council I would like to thank Dan for being a key member of Team North Yorkshire.”