Police in York will be keeping people and communities safe this weekend by using dispersal powers to prevent antisocial behaviour.

Areas including the Knavesmire, Millennium Bridge area and Earswick will be covered, with officers allowed to pre-emptively move people and groups on to prevent issues.

It coincides with the final day of term for students in their final year of school.

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Lee Pointon said: “We understand people will want to relax and celebrate this weekend. And as long as they do that in safe, considerate and legal way, there are no issues whatsoever with that.

“Residents also want to enjoy their weekend without being affected by crime and antisocial behaviour.

“So the solution is dispersal powers, which give us the power to disperse groups and individuals from an area as a last resort.

“However, it goes without saying that this option won’t need to be used if people behave considerately and responsibly, and we hope everyone enjoys their weekend in this way.”

The dispersals are in place Friday and Saturday from midday until 2am.

If used, individuals will be prevented from returning to the area for up to 48 hours. Failing to comply could result in arrest.

York Neighbourhood Policing Teams are using the powers following work with partner organisations and the community to keep everyone safe.