Jools Oughtibridge

Jools Oughtibridge

Jools is our night owl. You can hear him on Great Yorkshire Radio from 2am until 6am playing the greatest upbeat mix for you if you can't sleep or if you are on the night shift. Make sure you tune in for fun and trivia games. 

About Jools...

Where were you born?


What’s your star sign?

What was your favourite subject at school?
P.E. although I wasn't very good! Best football position - Left the changing room!

What was your first car?
Ford Fiesta 950cc Popular in delightful metallic brown

What’s your favourite colour?

What’s your lucky number?

What’s your favourite meal?
Steak and Chips

What’s great about North Yorkshire & beyond?
You're never far from different types of great adventure, Coast, Dale, Town or City, why go elsewhere!