Alex Cann

Alex Cann

Alex has lived in Yorkshire since the tender age of two, and loves this part of the world more than anywhere else! He wakes you up every weekend with the 80s Flashback Weekend, and when he's not on Great Yorkshire Radio, you'll find him enjoying a deep Matey bubble bath or enjoying a bike ride with one or two pub stops along the way!

About Alex...

Where were you born?
Peterborough, but I have no memory of living there, as I moved to North Yorkshire in 1979 aged two.

What’s your star sign?
Leo. Hear me roar! I like the limelight, apparently.

What was your favourite subject at school?   
I was a big fan of English and German. Favourite instrument was the dinner bell.

What was your first car?  
A classic Mini City. F Reg. Loved that car. £13 to fill it up with unleaded!

What’s your favourite colour?  
Any, as long as they are in a bath bomb!

What’s your lucky number? 
2, 13, 15, 17, 22 and 44. My Lotto numbers from 1994. Actually, they are not very lucky, to be honest.

What’s your favourite meal? 
My Mum's Christmas dinner or mother-in-law's curry.

What’s great about North Yorkshire & beyond? 
The views from the White Horse, the great pubs and the friendly folk.